1.  Will there be printed annotation/articles books of proceeding?

The annotation/articles books of proceeding will be published in e-books except the conference programme.

2. Is it possible to submit several annotations/articles and pay one registration fee?

Yes, one author can submit more than one article and pay just one registration fee only in case if that author is the first author of all submitted articles.

3. Is there reduced price in case the author submits only annotation?

No, there is not. The registration fee depends on type of presentation (oral presentation/only publication).

4. How can I get the invoice?

For each participant the invoices will be prepared based on filled and signed agreements which are available on the page payment. The scan copy of invoice can be received by participants by email, original of invoice – in person (if you have the oral presentation) or by post.

5. Is there reduced price for conference participants in recommended hotels?

There is not. But recommended hotels are located close to conference place.

6. Is it possible to return the registration fee to the participant who registered, but did not submit the article/abstract in time?

The returning the registration fee is not supposed but in some causes the dead line for submission can be extended.

7. Will the difference of registration fee be returned if the participant is registered for oral presentation, but she or he could not arrive at the conference?

This returning is not possible.