Instructions for writing abstracts

The length of the abstract should not exceed 2000 symbols (excluding spaces). The following structure is necessarily: Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Keywords

The abstract template is available at link

The abstract should be submitted trough the website (Registration)

The file name is consisted of Surname of first author (example: Surenme_abstr.doc (docx) Abstracts will have been published in the Proceedings of the Conference by the Conference starts, if participation fee is paid.

Instructions for writing articles

Articles are submitted in English, Ukrainian or Russian. The article includes the abstract with all details. Total volume of Article (abstract, references, tables and figures included) shall contain from 5 to 12 А4 sheets.

For articles in Ukrainian/Russian the abstract in Ukrainian/Russian should be submitted at the beginning of article, at the end of article – the abstracts in Russian/Ukrainian and in English.

The article requirements are available at link

The article template is available at link.

The article should be submitted to the following e-mail address:

Instructions for references

The references must be formatted with АРА-style. Example is available at link.

Positively reviewed articles will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference, if participation fee is paid.

DOI will be assigned articles which will be selected for publishing in scientific journals

Selected articles will be published (free of charge) in:

Plant varieties studying and protection

Advanced agrotechnology

Plant physiology and genetics

The committees of the Conference “The Newest Agrotechnologies” will provide the Award of Excellent Articles for oral presentations